Coronation Street Teaser

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Coronation StreetA fed-up Leanne wants out of the restaurant business and selling isn’t an option any more. Fortunately Dan has an idea of how she could get rid of the pizzeria and get her money back – she could burn the place down. Dan may have had his tongue firmly in his cheek with the suggestion, but Leanne is fascinated and is soon plotting an ‘accidental’ fire and insurance claim. Not that she’s going to risk being caught herself of course. She’s going to seduce Paul into torching the place for her.

David is worried that mum Gail is going to regain her memory, as well he might given that he pushed her down the stairs and left her for dead. As he and Tina arrive at the hospital, however, Gail seems none the wiser. David’s relief is short-lived though, when Gail’s doctor tells him there is a good chance she will regain the memory of what happened to her. David immediately volunteers to look after her at home when she is discharged, leaving a suspicious Audrey to wonder exactly what is going on.

Elsewhere, Fiz goes to meet Chesney’s social worker in a bid to get him home and everyone’s delighted when she agrees to let Fiz act as Chesney’s guardian. And Becky becomes Roy’s new lodger, but sharing the same house proves harder than either of them thought.

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