Neighbours Teaser March 12, 2008

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NeighboursThere’s trouble on the home front this week as Janelle decides to stay in Cairns and the Parker family find themselves facing eviction. Ned and Janae talk about finding a place together – it could be just what they need to patch up their battered relationship. Meanwhile, Steve and Miranda ask Ned if he’d like to make a joint bid on the Timmins house. Ned assumes that Janae is included in the deal, but when Steve and Miranda make it clear that she’s not Ned is left with a dilemma.

Elsewhere, Libby realises that she needs to let go of her strong hold on Drew’s memory if she and Darren are to have a future. Although Libby still refuses to forgive Darren’s infidelity, there appear to be signs of a thaw between them. Darren takes her to dinner, showers her with gifts and promises to do whatever it takes to win a second chance.

Meanwhile, while the adults of Ramsay Street are dealing with their various problems, the neighbourhood’s teens are set to attend an illegal dance party. But their adventure almost comes unstuck when Bridget blabs their plan to Steve and Miranda. Zeke manages to salvage the situation but as the teens head out, they are being trailed by a carload of suspicious adults!

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