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Coronation StreetAt the Platts’, David is nervous as Gail wills herself to remember what happened when she fell. When Jason arrives in a bid to make her realise he had nothing to do with it, Gail suddenly gets a flashback. Gail’s delighted at her breakthrough and hopes the rest will come back soon while Tina and David try to hide their terror at the prospect. Tina is extremely distressed about Gail’s memory returning and tells a nervous David that she wishes Gail would just remember everything and get it all out in the open – she can’t take the guilt and the lies anymore. Her strange behaviour starts to make Gail suspicious and the pieces of the puzzle begins to fall into place for Gail. Gail tells David she remembers arguing with him at the top of the stairs and knows he was the one who pushed her. What will David do?

Paul and Leanne are both nervous about setting fire to the restaurant, but the thought of a future with Leanne is pushing Paul to want to go through with it. Once he’s alone, he psyches himself up and lights a burner under a frying pan full of oil. As the pan bursts into flames and fire starts to spread, Paul hurries out and calls Leanne to tell her it’s done. Leanne braces herself to act the role of distraught businesswoman and when she arrives at the restaurant she feigns upset, mourning the death of her dream. Will Leanne get away with it?

Elsewhere, Steve and Michelle are disappointed when they decide to take a mini-break with Amy and Ryan but Ryan reveals he doesn’t want to go. Everyone is thankful to Harry when he rescues Amy from being run over by a builders van on the street.

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  1. When are you going to put David Platt and his mother down. He is decidedly evil and somewhat mad and she needs to grow up and see him for what he is. It is so annoying week after week seeing the little —- getting away with this attitude that she does not love him knowing full well that the silly cow is besotted with him. One is not sorry for ones comments just annoyed that you are elongating the misery that you are inflicting on your public. Richard Cock’ell (exceedingly frustrated by the plot).