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EastEndersThere are some old faces back on the Albert Square this week and tensions are running high. Peggy is determined to get to the bottom of Pat’s move to Spain and is convinced there is a man involved. Pat is making preparations for Frank’s funeral but she and Peggy begin to disagree and before they know it they are arguing at full tilt and exchanging not just cruel words, but slaps, too. The funeral, however, turns into a proper East End send-off. Pat, suspicious of Janine’s motivation for returning to Walford, lays a trap for her. But is Janine quite as hard-hearted as she thought? After the funeral, Frank’s last wishes are read out at the Vic as he requested and Pat prepares to head off for a new life in Spain.

Meanwhile, Bianca is struggling to cope, which leads to a dire situation for her and the children. A visit to social services proves fruitless so Bianca is forced to take matters into her own hands. She is struggling to find a room for her and the kids and they end up huddled together in a bus shelter. Desperate, she calls Ricky, but then does a runner – afraid he’ll find out the truth.

Elsewhere, Chelsea is hell-bent on finding her father but her sister, Libby, is reticent. Chelsea decides to find her dad. 

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