Emmerdale Teaser – March 18, 2008

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EmmerdaleDonna is unimpressed when Ross invites Shane to Andy and Jo’s party but as Shane charms the locals, Donna decides to give him a chance. However later on as they exit the pub, Shane makes a move on Donna and as he becomes aggressive, Donna knees him in the groin and rushes home in tears. She heads to the station to make a complaint but Shane sees her arrive and gets to Vaughan first, claiming that Donna is caving under the pressure of Viv’s investigation and needs time off. Donna then tells Vaughan she wants to report Shane for sexual harassment but is dismayed when Vaughan warns her that it would result in either the end of her career, or the end of Shane’s. Donna quietly fumes as Vaughan tells her to take some time to reconsider before taking it further. Will Donna be scared off by the prospect of losing her job?

Elsewhere, while everyone’s enjoying themselves at the party, Paddy is fed up because he’s on call and can’t drink. The next morning, an annoyed Paddy discovers that his car won’t start and Ross gives Paddy a lift to work but as they chat, Ross nearly hits a girl on a moped, but she swerves into a ditch. After checking on the girl, Ross panics that he’s still over the limit and could lose his job when the police find out. Paddy is relived that the moped driver Gennie is ok and agrees when Ross begs him to tell the police he was driving. Suddenly Gennie’s condition worsens and she’s rushed to hospital. Paddy and Ross are shocked when they arrive at the hospital and find out that the moped rider is in intensive care. Will Paddy come to regret his lies?

Meanwhile, Shadrach receives a mysterious phone call which leaves Zak and Lisa suspicious. When Zak and Lisa see Shadrach sprucing himself up, Shadrach lies and says he has a date. How much longer can he keep his long-lost daughter a secret? Nicola turns up to see Donald with a list of her demands. However Donald throws her out, insisting if she doesn’t leave then he’ll have her done for attempted murder.

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