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HollyoaksThere’s tragedy afoot in Hollyoaks as Newt and Lauren’s prank on Elliot goes tragically wrong. The duo want revenge on Elliot after he refused to help them with their coursework, and lure him into the woods for a faked meeting with his dad. What they don’t know is that Elliot is already reeling from finding Sarah in bed with Roger and their prank could be enough to push him over the edge. Hiding in the woods, Newt and Lauren’s delight quickly turns to shame when they hear the raw pain in Elliot’s voice as he screams for his dad. Returning later to look for Elliot and apologise they make a terrifying discovery that could change their lives for ever.  

John Paul and Kieron end up spending the night together after John Paul’s jealousy over Kieron and Kris’s closeness leads to a blazing row. As the duo argue it seems neither can hide their feelings any longer, but the morning after brings troubled consciences. As John Paul prepares to tell Kieron that he doesn’t see a future with him, he is surprised to find that Kieron has made a decision of his own. Does he feel more for Kieron than he realises.  

Elsewhere, Rhys is worried that his secret affair with Beth is about to be revealed now that Michaela is hot on their trail, so he decides to end it now before it’s too late. Katy is infuriated by Justin’s attentions while she is trying to write an essay, leaving Justin feeling like a spare part. Warren suggests a big night at The Loft that could help Justin impress Katy and appease Louise, but does Justin have what it takes to pull it off?


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  1. ivy says:

    thanks for the details. its good to find out whats really going on.