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NeighboursDramatic events unfurl this week in Ramsay Street. The teens decide to enjoy themselves at an illicit dance party, but the fun comes to a shocking end when part of the roof suddenly collapses, leaving the gang buried under the rubble. As rescue teams rush to the scene, the whole neighbourhood rallies round, desperate to know who has survived. Trapped in the wreckage, Ringo comforts a mortally wounded Jessica, while Riley tries to keep Elle from losing consciousness. As onlookers crowd the scene, Paul is shocked to see Elle pulled out of the rubble in a critical condition. Will she survive the ordeal?

Elsewhere, Janae reacts angrily to the news that Steve and Miranda do not want to buy the house with her. She escapes to the garage, where she finds Darren seeking refuge from his own difficulties with Libby. The pair vent their problems and lend each other a shoulder to cry on, only for the moment to end in a forbidden kiss. Unfortunately for them both, the kiss is witnessed by Kirsten, who tries to use it against Janae. Backed into a corner, Janae decides to trump Kirsten by coming clean and telling Ned. How will Ned react?

Also this week, Zeke confronts Karl over his decision to abandon him for Libby. Rachel escapes the accident when she leaves the party early to find Angus Ð and ends up spending the night with him…

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  1. henry says:

    shit m8, cnt wait to c it

  2. Ben says:

    I know, sounds awesome..