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The SimpsonsLove them or hate them, there is no doubt that the Simpson have made an impact upon the way we think of life in the US, their habits and their opinions. Tonight’s show seems Homer recall the time that he found a dead body at the age of 12, but failed to report it. How will he react when he remembers it? Who will he tell?

Homers life has been one long rollercoaster and while his trusty family have stood by him there have been times when they must have felt like walking away! Quite what slant the writers will put on tonight’s show remains to be seen but there is no doubt it will be funny, thought provoking and certain to attract millions of viewers!

The Simpsons have been on our screens since December 1989 and while there are many critics of the show, it has fans young and old around the world, making it the best selling cartoon series ever. They also brought out a Simpson Movie which has brought in over $500m since its launch. Homer, Marge, Maggie, Bart, Lisa and Santa’s Little Helper (the dog) are the mainstays of the show, but the way they interact amongst themselves and their friends and neighbours is something else. Do we all have neighbours and friends like the Simpsons? Or is this just America?

While the show is obviously centred on humour and laughter, the writers seem to have a unique gift for bringing in serious subjects, such as the Iraq war, and somehow taking a dig at the government without saying anything outright. Many people see the Simpsons as the conscience of America, a real look at the inner workings of middle class America. Quite whether is true is a matter of opinion, but they sure do catch the attention of the masses.

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