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GMTVFor those early birds up with the larks what better start to the day can there be than the gentle pace of GMTV, with Penny Smith and John Stapleton covering the 6 o’clock news hour, then handing over to Fiona Phillips and Ben Shephard for the later segment of the show, which finishes just after 9 o’clock.

While the show has been through the mill of late with the phone-in scandal, it has now been on our screens for over 15 years, bringing us the news as it happens, showbiz gossip and much more. So why exactly is the show so popular and how has it stood the test of time?

Much of the credit for the show has to go down to the array of presenters they have had over the years, the gaffs they have made and the crazy stunts which they have attempted. GMTV is one of those gems of early morning TV, the kind of show you watch without actually realising that you have switched the TV on, the kind of show that just happens and keeps you coming back for more.

While many long running news style shows have changed their image, their set up and their presenters along the way, GMTV has seen some changes but nothing like the kind of change seen elsewhere. The beauty of the show is that you know the format each morning, your know that they will cover the general news and some major incidents in the press. The show has also been visited by a whole host of politicians who seem to squirm under the sometimes uncompromising interview techniques.

There are very few shows like GMTV and it seems that the more the press try to knock the show, the more popular that it becomes. There were many who wrote off the show after the phone-in scandal, but amazingly it looks as though the show has managed to retain its viewers, even if they have lost the phone-in income which was enormous!

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