Carry On Cowboy

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If ever there was a less apt setting for a Carry On film, then the macho world of cowboys and Indians is it!

Carry On Cowboy sees the likes of Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale and Joan Sims bring us the campest ever version of a cowboy film, with double entendres, suggestive comments and plenty of slapstick comedy – the type you might expect to see on the back of those old seaside postcards.

First released in 1966, Carry On Cowboy follows the capers of the Rumpo Kid, Judge Burke and Chief Big Heap in the fictitious Stodge City. Shoot outs, sing songs around the fire place, chases and some wonderful comic timing make Carry On Cowboy on of the better of the Carry On movies to be repeated of late. Is it just a coincidence that we are seeing the remake of the Carry On movies later this year?

For those who have not seen the rumours in the press, a new Carry On movie is planned for later this year in order to bring some much need humour back to our screens. However, there are concerns in some quarters that while the old movies were hilarious in their day, the may not be as politically correct as some might expect for this day and age. But surely it would be wrong to take away that old seaside postcard humour which made the Carry On series what it is today?

It will be interesting to see how the new movie compares with the old and whether they can retain that innocence and charm which attracted so many to the original works. There are concerns in some quarters that the crop of today’s actors might struggle to live up to the likes of Kenneth Williams who was a unique actor.

However, in the meantime we can all take a step down memory lane and enjoy the humour that is Carry On Cowboy.

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