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Coronation StreetDubiously dotty David dominates proceedings once more. He finally ’fesses up to Gail that, well, yes, actually, um, he did push her down the stairs and leave her for dead. And after demanding that she phones the cops to put him out of his misery, he sets about trashing the street. Everyone watches on amazed as he continues to cause chaos and destruction – will there actually be much of the street left after he’s finished? Needless to say, the long arm of the law finally reaches out for the crazy kid, who is charged with multiple counts of criminal damage and assault, and is bailed to appear before the magistrates. Back home, sweet home, David talks to Gail and confesses to all the evil things he’s done in the past –  let’s hope Gail’s got all night because it’s quite a long list. In court, David calmly insists he is guilty on all counts. It looks cut and dried until Gail pops up to add her tuppenceworth. Will she manage to save his hide, or is raving Dave going down?

Elsewhere, the loss assessor tells Paul and Leanne that the investigation could take months – perhaps arson wasn’t such a good idea after all! Will they get caught out? Darryl is a tad upset when Lauren dumps him after he refuses to steal money from his dad to pay for her rent – what a charming lady she is.

Meanwhile, Becky bats her eyes at builder Rick in the cafe and invites him over to the flat while Roy’s at a Railway convention. Of course, in traditional soap style, Roy returns early –  and isn’t to impressed by what he finds. Talking of bats – Roy, concerned when he finds some bat droppings on the ground in the building site, suggests the building site should be shut down as bats are a protected species. Batty!

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