EastEnders Teaser – March 26, 2008

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EastEndersBianca is well and truly back in Square after walking out on a stormy marriage with mechanic Ricky Butcher eight years ago. Unfortunately, she’s down, almost out, and at the end of her tether. Last week, we even saw her and her gaggle of kids huddled together in a bus shelter. But as they say: when the going gets tough the tough get going –  and Bianca is nothing if not tough. However, her actions shock even Pat. Later, she has a showdown with nice-but-dim Ricky about what has happened with the kids, who have been put into care – however, she may have found the answer to her problems. Devious Bianca later tells the social worker that she does have somewhere to live –  but will Ricky go along with her plan? And after the Social Services come to inspect Pat’s house, will Bianca get her kids back?

A while ago, Shirley found a lump in her breast, and was forced by Phil, who has shown that beneath that grizzled exterior beats a heart of gold, to make an appointment at the clinic. Now, he insists that she actually gets her test results. Which seems as good a time as any for the return of Vinnie, who she first met many moons ago when he knocked her down with his car while she was on her way to Deano and Chelsea’s court case. He tells her she’s the one for him –  but is he the one that she wants? Later, Shirley puts a certain question to Phil – what will he say?

Elsewhere, Gus meets the girl of his dreams. Or so he thinks…

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