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HollyoaksWarren and Louise plan the perfect honeymoon – but hold that thought, kids, because Warren is arrested for Sean’s murder! Justin, scared that Warren will implicate him, is soon on his toes. Katy, meanwhile, is crushed after discovering that Sean’s body has been found and that Warren has been arrested. Louise is determined to stand by Warren – his secret is safe with her –  but for how long? Later, a distraught Katy comes close to confessing all to Calvin about the killing. Clearly, Katy has a big decision to make as far as Warren is concerned.

Elliot is in hospital suffering from hypothermia. It’s a bad, sad situation as he tells his mum, Bonnie, that he no longer considers her to be his mother. Later, in an effort to turn his life around, the mixed-up kid adopts a new look – he’s no longer a geek, and won’t be pushed around any more. This new image worries Kris, who has a little chat about what’s been going on – Elliot reveals that he no longer wants any friends because he’s been let down by them too many times. On a roll, he threatens to tell the Dean everything about Sarah – will he carry out his threat?

Amy gets a call from Ste saying they’ve been robbed. She calls the police, desperate to catch the burglars who have cleaned them out… when she finds out that it was Ste! Newt agrees to hide his mate, Eli, who’s on the run from the army –  could be a bad move, Newt. Mercedes wants her old job back. For a bet, Kris tries to seduce Mercedes via text, but gets more than a shock when some tough bloke punches him for texting his girlfriend. It’s a big, scary day for Myra, who goes to court to face her benefit charge. Fingers crossed.

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