Neighbours Teaser March 26, 2008

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NeighboursIn the awful aftermath of the roof collapse, Ringo tries to find the strength to carry out Jess’s last wish, but when confronted by her mother’s grief, will he lose his nerve?

Time’s almost up for Carmella. In fact it is up! This week, she goes into premature labour. She’d decided that she wanted a natural birth, without medication, due to her previous drug addiction. However, the doctor now informs Carmella that the baby is in discomfort and needs to be delivered quickly, so he recommends a Caesarean section. Needless to say, Carmella is left devastated. The baby is rushed to the neonatal intensive-care unit with severe breathing difficulties. The question remains –  will the poor kid survive?

Last time around, Darren and Janae enjoyed an illicit little snog. Unfortunately, it was witnessed by Kirsten –  and Ned found out soon after. Of course, Libby is oblivious to what went on – but she might soon find out the truth. Ned promises Darren he will keep quiet about the matter because he knows it won’t happen again, but Miranda –  the latest in a long list of people who know the truth –  cannot help feeling guilty about keeping quiet. Will she reveal all?

Steve and Miranda’s hopes of buying the Timmins house founder. Miranda apologises for cutting Janae out of the purchase, but wounded Janae refuses to forgive and forget. With Janae out of the deal, her mum is putting the house up for auction. The Parkers are dismayed when the potential buyer, Tim Collins, plans to build three townhouses on the site. Steve, Miranda and Ned go back to the drawing board to try and find a way to beat him. Steve’s delusions regarding money are evident, while Janae is left hovering on the fringe of the discussion.

Elsewhere, Karl is shocked when Zeke tells him that he does not feel like part of the Kennedy family. Elle is afraid that Riley is about to confess his true feelings for her. Bridget admits that she is still attracted to Declan.

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