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Parking WarsNew legislation which is coming into affect next week will see local councils issuing parking tickets and traffic offence tickets by post, on the evidence of the numerous CCTV cameras in the UK. Parking Wars : Tonight looks at the impact which this is sure to have on the motoring public, who have already been hammered by rising road tax and ever rising fuel prices. So what exactly is going on?

Under the Traffic Act of 2004, which will come into force next week, parking tickets will be issued by councils throughout the UK based solely on CCTV evidence, but up to two weeks after the event (without giving the “offender” prior warning of the offence). There are a number of problems which this system imposes which include identifying the culprit, fighting the claim and possible harassment of certain parties to but name but a few. The CCTV evidence which will be used would unlikely be sufficient in a court of law yet it is the only form of proof required to handout what will be literally millions of pounds in fines each year.

This interesting show has uncovered the fact that councils will be allowed to keep the fines collected, adding weight to the claims that this is just another exercise to top up the governments ailing budget deficit. Since this current government have come to power there has been a concerted campaign against the UK motorist which has resulted in billions of pounds falling into the lap of the UK Treasury. What right of appeal does a recipient of such a penalty notice have? Will there be a system to ensure that the right person pays the fine?

On the flip side to the above argument we have seen a substantial increase in the number of attacks on traffic wardens which can in no way be tolerated. However, whether antagonising an already irate motoring population is the answer is really open for debate. A very interesting program to watch if you get the chance!

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  1. I was photographed on the 21st of march on good friday by tfl in a red zone at 7.15 in the morning
    i received the fine on the 28th of march and sent them an email on the 29th of march and they acknowledged that email 10 seconds later saying that they would write to me within 10 days by post,which upto this day the 15th of may they havent replied .
    I had to pay the ticket on the 14th day of sixty pounds or i was liable for 120 pounds.
    My reason to them for stopping was that i am diabetic and had to stop to use a toilet so it was in mitigating surcumstances.
    They cannot it seems even be bothered to reply maybe they cannot afford the postage.