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The FixerWhile this relatively new series on TV did not receive as much publicity as many which have gone before, The Fixer is starting to build up something of a large following. The show stars Andrew Buchan, Peter Mullan and Tamzin Outhwaite in the world of undercover police work and assassinations. Mercer is the man whom the police come to when then need someone “fixed”, often somebody who has evaded justice for one reason or another. The middleman is a high ranking police chief by the name of Lenny who affectively pulls the strings of the hired assassin Mercer.

While Mercer has never knowingly questioned the orders of Lenny, tonight see Mercer involved in the proposed assassination of someone who is supposed to have kidnapped and killed a young lady on the orders of a known gangster. As the plot thickens the suspected killer starts to question Mercer about the involvement of the police in the young girl’s murder, which sees Mercer in a highly charged confrontation with Lenny. Words are spoken, threats are made and slowly but surely the story begins to unravel. What will the hired assassin do next? Will he get to the truth?

There have been a number of crime based shows on ITV over the years but The Fixer is an interesting angle on the life and times of the modern day police force. Whether any of the stories are based on an ounce of fact is unknown, but this look into the murky world of disappearing bodies, investigative journalists and the like is enthralling to the end. The acting is excellent, the storylines are very difficult to double guess and it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

ITV have been criticised in the past for sub-standard shows but The Fixer is most defiantly one of their better efforts of late and sure to be back for a second series.

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  1. Gillian Cowley says:

    Just wanted to know did anyone else see the mistake in Eastenders- Tues- 1st April? When the horse drawn hearse is pulling into Albert Square- Max’s car was outside Tanya’s house. He left last week! Or did she send him the text ‘Come Home’? Maybe it was an April Fool joke?