Coronation Street Teaser

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coronationstreet.jpgAfter going postal up and down the Street causing damage aplenty to person and property, dodgy David posts a letter to Tina and says sorry. He seems sincerely remorseful – will prison change him for the better? Or will mixing with all the hardened crims simply make him even more mad, bad and dangerous to know, as it were? The smart money is on the latter – he’s shaping up to be one of the great soaps villains of our times if he carries on at this rate. His state of mind is made even worse, if that’s possible, when Tina tells him not to hold out any hopes of getting back together with her. It’s an unhappy 50th birthday for Gail as David is sent down.

Cracks between Michelle and Ryan seem to be healing after recent events. However, when Michelle reveals that Alex wants to meet her again Ryan assures her it’s alright, but declines when Michelle asks him to join them. He clearly finds it hard seeing his mum with her other son, but will she let it come between them again?

Elsewhere, Darryl wakes up with a bad hangover – imagine his surprise when he discovers that he handed in his notice at work last night! Lauren tries to persuade Sean to go away with her for a few days but the hold Lauren seems to have on his boyfriend is annoying Marcus. Liz is getting increasingly tired of Vernon. Leanne is intrigued when Dan suggests she reopen the restaurant as a late night bar and is secretly relieved when she runs the idea past Paul and he insists he’s not interested in going back into business with her. Does Paul have other plans?

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