Emmerdale Teaser

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emmerdale.jpgRecently bereaved parents Ashley and Laurel face yet another ordeal. Hilary thinks that Arthur might be Laurel’s child. She later compares a baby photo of Laurel to one of Arthur and finds the resemblance uncanny, leaving her sick to the stomach. Meanwhile, Ashley and Laurel are stunned to discover that there is an anomaly in Daniel’s records. Laurel and Daniel’s blood groups are incompatible; therefore she can’t be his mother. An investigation into a possible baby swap is inevitable.

Poor old Pollard (and how often have we said that phrase?) is shocked to his very core upon receiving a blackmail letter containing incriminating photos of him with Rosalind. Pollard wonders: is Carl the culprit? And thinks: perhaps breaking into Dale view is a good idea? Think again, Pollard! Oops – too late… Pollard even begins to suspect his own son – and, in the farcically funny scene of the week, gets bashed accidentally (sort of) over the head with a mop for his troubles. Would David really try to extort cash from his dad?

Elsewhere, Lexi wants the job of Carl’s PA. But Chas warns Carl that she might be in cahoots with arch enemy Matthew, who hasn’t forgotten about the vicious beating handed out to him by Carl last week. Carl hints that he’s going to have some fun with Lexi – who subsequently gets the job. But has sexy Lexi, caught between two brothers, walked into a trap? Paddy receives a summons to appear in court for driving without due care and attention. Miles comes clean to Jasmine about his and Debbie’s plan. Is it time for young love to bloom?

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