Hollyoaks Teaser April 2, 2008

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hollyoaks.gifSordid goings on this week! Gilly has a surprise for Beth – a ring. They’re going to live happily ever after – not. The Ashworths hold a family dinner in The Dog to celebrate Gilly and Beth’s happy union. Not so fast! Michael spills the beans about Beth and Rhys to Gilly who, understandably given the circumstances, can’t believe his ears. He heads over to the Ashworths’ house where he finds Beth’s discarded engagement ring and hears some rude, crude and, yes – viewers may want to cover their ears at this point – rather crude noises coming from upstairs. The gig is well and truly up as a spot of fisticuffs between Gilly and Rhys ensues. Gilly has revenge on his mind, while Beth and Rhys plan to leave town forever – will they make it?

Elsewhere, Hannah is thrilled by the picnic Danny sets up for her in Drive ‘n’ Buy and the sexual tension mounts… until Neville arrives. It seems that no one is doing particularly well in the love stakes at the moment. Later, Hannah offers Gilly a shoulder to cry on, but also starts to binge on food for comfort from all the family strife. Fletch desperately tries to stay off the skag – just say ‘no’ Fletch: yeah, right. Sasha also fancies some more drugs. The junkies become even more isolated from their friends – especially after Fletch nicks Josh’s MP3 player.

Jacqui celebrates her bingo win but arrives home to find the walls covered in posters claiming the McQueens are thieves. Later, the hostilities between the McQueens and the Valentines escalate when Myra receives a lawyer’s letter demanding Val’s share of the bingo winnings. Amy finally tells the truth about Leah to Mike, who orders Sarah to take Leah back to the house. Poor old Max is worried about the escalating cost of the wedding, but Steph wants no expense spared for her big day – the spoilt brat.

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