Neighbours Teaser April 2, 2008

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neighbours.jpgLast year, Rachel lied to Angus about her age, then went on to spend the night with him – before she discovered he was her teacher. You’d better believe this illicit relationship will have dramatic consequences when it’s finally exposed this week. When it looks like Daniel is about to find out, Bridget rushes to Angus’s flat to warn them. While Rachel hides in the bedroom, Daniel arrives to find Bridget and Angus arguing – and Bridget is forced to pretend that she has a crush on teach. But Declan begins his own investigation and soon pieces together the truth. And then, well, as the saying goes, it really hits the fan…

Elsewhere, it’s party time – although no one seems to be having that much fun. After going into premature labour and dumping Marco to devote herself to the troubled kid, Carmella turns up at Rosie’s for a BBQ to celebrate the birth. Rosie hopes to rekindle the relationship between Marco and her sister – but he reveals that he’s leaving town. Carmella has a big decision to make – is she really going to let her man go?

There’s even more drama at the BBQ. Janae is wracked with guilt over her kiss with Darren and wonders whether she should tell Libby. In the middle of the party, she begs Darren to come clean, only for the music to stop and her plea to be broadcast to the whole street. Oops! The party grinds to a halt as Darren reveals the terrible truth to Libby, who says that she is taking a permanent job at Erinsborough High School. Karl is plunged into the middle of a moral dilemma when his first emergency patient is Richard Aaronow, Declan and Oliver’s estranged father. Small world, isn’t it?

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