Identity Fraud: Outnumbered

April 3, 2008 by  
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ID TheftWe all know it exists, we all know what precautions which we need to take, so why don’t we actually protect ourselves? It seems that the British “it won’t happen to me” attitude is still alive and very much kicking with this very interesting look at Identity Theft and how easy it really is. Watch and learn…..

Jamie Theakston has gained unique access to the London Economic Crime Unit, the only Unit in the UK to tackle the growing threat of identity theft. As well as tackling the topical debate about cyber theft, the show also tackles the growing number of ID theft cases where perpetrators have gone on to commit serious crimes, leaving the “real” people to pick up the pieces with some shocking consequences.

While the show covers an array of different scams and frauds, it is the ease with which anyone can actually hook up to your wireless network which will frighten many. Unless your network has updated firewall and anti-virus protection the chances are that a fraudster could easily eavesdrop on your data transfer, passwords and user names, with many actually able to control your computers from a distance.

The program also highlights how easy it has become to track down the most personal details of a persons life using just the smallest snippets of information. Birth certificates are readily available, many people are members of some of the numerous social networking sites online and more alarmingly, vast numbers of people use the same username and passwords to access bank accounts, and other highly sensitive services.

While this show is sure to open the eyes of many to the problems of ID theft, it can only be hoped that more people start to take real notice. There is no point in burying your head in the sand and convincing yourself that it will never happen to you – just like the millions of people who have been on the end of serious financial fraud, and worse!

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