Dirty Sexy Money Needs to Clean Up Its Act

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preview48b6b875d289afb92c0394040593fefa0646cd30.jpg By McGee Noble

Lions, layabouts and liars Oh My…

Dirty Sexy Money (Channel 4, Fridays, 9pm) is one of the latest offerings from the US to hit our screens. Peter Krause of Six feet Under fame plays our lead, who follows his fathers footsteps in lawyering for the wealthy Darling family.
It’s a great premise, its got sex, wealth and family. Yet here we are on episode three and its falling surprisingly flat. Maybe it’s the way the characters career wildly from one view to another, not adding depth but rather a schitzophrenic feeling that each scene was written by someone different, kind of like those stories where you write a paragraph and pass it on, except not as good. Nate oops I mean other character played by Peter Krause who is essentially Nate, is supposed to be the moral centre of the show with everyone banging on about how good and moral he is. Now, I’m not a moral person particularly, I leave lights on in my house and use plastic bags, I hate those on the street fundraisers and laugh when it rains on them. But seriously, even I have a stronger moral centre than this guy. He’s a jelly bean. Not only does he not seem to do any humanitarian wonderful stuff, apparantly what drives him, but he doesn’t take even a bit of convincing to sell his soul and join the family.
The characters are boring and two dimensional, the writing second rate. For this reason, you can be sure that Dirty Sexy Money is bound to be on our screens for years. Sure, there are real live lions (you see what they did there, bad lions for bad people…Nate, dang I mean Nick, is ‘in the lion’s den’ so to speak. Very clever.) but the characters have no depth, they are caricatures.
Sure, I’m being tough on this show, but seriously you get to the point where you think ok, throw money at a series, get a fantastic cast but then settle for inadequate writing. Why? Why not just put in that little bit of effort to make it better? Besides, watching wealthy people do stupid things is the domain of sitcoms and reality TV, so unless you have something more interesting to say, then leave it to them. They do it better.

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  1. Calamity Mike says:

    Possibly try watching more than 2 episodes before having a go? This has been out in the US for ages and every move NickNate makes is for a reason…