How Do They Do That?

April 4, 2008 by  
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How do they do that?Have you ever wondered how the power suppliers get the electricity from the power station to your door? How your telephone actually works? Or how engineers operate the world’s largest floating crane?

While the Discovery Channel may not be the first TV channel which you look at when switching on the TV, there are actually a great number of different, entertaining and informative shows on the Discovery Channel. These are the types of shows which never receive any promotion and while they seem to be repeated time and time again, very few of us actually know what we are missing.

The beauty of a great scientific show is the ease with which they break down often complicated and difficult to understand systems and procedures. How do they do that? Is a show which actually tells you what is happening in a way which you can understand – using common sense. By clever use of props, diagrams and simple yet detailed descriptions of what is happening you will soon understand how the electricity gets into your home, and how the engineers actually control the world largest floating crane!

It is a shame that more scientific programs are not promoted to the wider public because as well as being very useful for adults to see how and what is happening, surely these programs must be a great prop for those studying at school, college or university?

Quite what the show will tackle in the future remains to be seen but the main attraction of this type of show is the mixture of everyday and specialist scientific procedures which are covered. So maybe next time you have a few minutes spare, switch on the TV, flick along to the Discovery Channel and see exactly how and why so many everyday systems and procedures actually work. You will be surprised!

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