Blackadder the Third

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BlackadderWhile perhaps not in the same class as shows like Only Fools and Horses, the adventures of Blackadder have given us some exquisite moments of comedy acting, with Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Hugh Laurie and Robbie Coltrane all adding to the fun and games. For those who have watched the Blackadder series, we have been through the ages with Blackadder and his trusty sidekick Baldrick whom he treats worse than a dog, but amazingly keeps coming back for more!

Blackadder the Third sees Edmund Blackadder thrown into 18th century England and cast as the butler to Prince Regent, who is perhaps the most naive man on the planet – he quite literally does not have a clue about anything! Tonight’s episode sees Dr Samuel Johnson approach the Prince for assistance with his dictionary but this is Blackadder and nothing quite goes to plan.

As the cold winter nights draw in, Dr Johnson’s dictionary is accidentally thrown onto the fire to keep it going, with literally years of hard work up in smoke. Keen to ensure that the Prince does not get into any more trouble Blackadder sets about re-writing the dictionary with hilarious consequences.

Rowan Atkinson has made the part of Blackadder his own and whole the show finished some time ago, in the event of a new film or one off special there is surely nobody who could take the place of Atkinson. His wit, his timing and his on screen chemistry with partner in crime Tony Robinson (Baldrick) is a pleasure to watch.

Richard Curtis, of Four Weddings and a Funeral fame, and Rowan Atkinson wrote the first series, although later shows were scripted by Curtis and Ben Elton whom adds his rather unique sense of humour to it all. While possibly not to the taste of every viewer in the UK, Blackadder is a classic amongst classics.

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