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TrishaTrisha has been around for a few years now and while her show is maybe not as controversial as the likes of Jeremy Kyle, she certainly does find some stories to tell! Today sees a couple who’s marriage has all but disintegrated with Kym giving her partner Dale her blessing to go out and find someone for an affair so that at least she can have him by her side most of the time. Trisha and her studio audience have their own special take on what is happening and who is in the wrong!

While Trisha Goddard was born in the UK, she emigrated to Australia at a young age and made a name for herself in children’s TV. Upon returning to the UK she teamed up with ITV for a daytime chat show called Trisha which literally threw her into the spotlight. The show went from strength to strength and while at her highest point she jumped ship to join Channel 5 as their main spearhead to grab the daytime chat show crowds.

Trisha Goddard” as the show was named has built up a niche following with more and more people attracted to her sensible approach to love, life and problems. A quick look at Trisha’s own life will show that she relates so well to people because she has had a very difficult life herself. Recently it was announced that she is in fact batting against breast cancer, a subject which has been covered so many times on her show – how ironic.

Event though Trisha has taken a few weeks out for her treatment, in the time honoured fashion of TV, the show must go on. Let us hope that she makes a full recovery and we are all welcoming her back to our screens very much sooner rather than later. “Trisha Goddard” without Trish, that cannot be right?

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  1. tina tiley says:

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  2. Kriss Krishna says:

    Trisha, i always watch your show’s and i find it to be one of the best, for you are very calm and you know how to handle people.As of today i was watching your show and i came across this young lady called sonia with her man shon, i think sonia needs a friend that she has never spoken to before, where she can open up to.That way she will be able to ease her anger.Id like to have a chat with her, and get to know her just as friends.