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coronationstreet1.jpgLeanne is in luck this week. She’s delighted to discover that the insurance company is issuing a cheque for nearly the full amount they requested. Dan suggests the sooner she gives Paul his share the better so they can all move on. However, Paul is still bitter about how she duped him, and when she hands over the cheque he asserts it’s no consolation for her manipulating him. Angered and hurt, Paul suggests if she really wants to make amends with him she should give him her share of the money. After all, he committed the crime so he deserves the money. Leanne is shocked. Paul gives her an ultimatum – if he doesn’t get all the money he’ll go to the police…

Dotty, devious and devilish David is – surprisingly – having a hard time of it in the chokey. So when Gail arrives for a visit she’s utterly relieved to find him in one piece. David, meanwhile, is pleased to see his dear old mum – the one he pushed down the stairs. As Gail leaves David breaks down in tears – if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, David. Meanwhile in the pub, Audrey is stunned when Bill reveals that a man called Ted Page has called for her. She says that she’s never heard of him but later reveals to Rita that he’s an old flame who she hasn’t seen for years and… he’s Gail’s father. As if Gail hasn’t got enough problems at the moment! Audrey and Ted arrange to meet up – how will Bill and Gail feel if (or more likely when) they discover Audrey’s secret liaison?

Kirk arrives back from Cyprus and tells Fiz that he has something important he needs to tell her. Fiz is worried that he’s going to suggest they get back together, but he quickly explains that he’s met someone on holiday – Julie, who lives in Manchester – and he’s in love. How sweet.

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  1. Flaming Nora says:

    Jack P Shepherd as David is just fab at the minute, no?