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eastenders1.jpgHeather hasn’t had much luck with blokes. Who can forget last year’s excursion to Brighton? In the karaoke bar Heather sang – pass the earplugs! – Nilsson’s ‘Without You’ and caught the eye of a group of geezers. Later, one of them offered to buy her a drink; she accepted. He told her he was impressed by her karaoke so she took to the stage again, singing Wham!’s ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’. Things escalated, and Heather and the man ended up kissing. He suddenly turned around and proclaimed triumphantly to his friends that he had succeeded in ‘pulling the pig’. It was an incident that typified her love life. Until now of course, because her prince has finally come in the form of Minty – or has he? First there are the stag and hen nights to get through – always a tricky prospect. Meanwhile, a soap wedding without a major incident is something of a rarity – so it’s no surprise when Hazel pops up at the church with a last-minute proposal. Who will Minty choose? Eeny meeny, miny, mo…

Meanwhile Jack and Tanya get cosy . At the wedding, Jack accompanies Tanya rather than Ronnie, who is unsurprisingly a little put out. Randy Roxy frolics with Albert Square bad boy Sean Slater and the pair embark on a dangerous liaison. Roxy’s shenanigans bring Ronnie and Jack closer – but will Sean put a spanner in the works? Later Sean tries to teach Gus a lesson for getting involved in his business.

Elsewhere Christian wants to know all about Steven and Stacey’s experience -Walford’s unlikely love triangle is up and running. Stacey soon begins to have relationship troubles, as does Shirley.

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