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emmerdale1.jpgThere are touching scenes aplenty as Shadrach invites long-lost daughter Gennie around for a home-cooked meal. Chas isn’t best pleased to have a brand new sibling around. Gennie shows Shadrach some old photos – and Chas angrily reminds Shadrack that he never even bothered to take any pictures of her. Chas’s mood improves when Shadrach praises her for being brave enough to help him find Gennie. Time for a big family hug.

Vaughan tells Donna that they can’t prove her allegations against Shane and that she should withdraw her complaint. However she’s at breaking point after Shane threatens her once again, and tells Marlon that she’s thinking of resigning. When guilt-ridden Ross overhears, he confesses to Marlon why he hasn’t told the truth. Initially furious, Marlon agrees to keep it from Donna in return for his help in getting back at Shane. Will the cocky copper finally get his comeuppance?

Elsewhere, Lily opens Pearl’s post to discover she has won a competition and the prize is a cruise for two people. Lily, Edna and Betty all want to go on the cruise but Pearl tells them they’ll have to be on their best behaviour until she decides whom to take. Will it be handbags at dawn?

Meanwhile, undercover spy Lexi is pleased when she is allowed to sit in on Carl’s meeting with Donald. When she finds out their plans to rebrand De Souza Enterprises with a greener image, she’s delighted to be privy to such information. Will she be loyal to her employers, or keep her promise to share all the secrets with Matthew? 

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  1. Mary Jarrett says:

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Mary Jarrett says:

    I think the show is great. I hope Donna gets her problems sorted out where Shane is concerned.

  3. Mary Jarrett says:

    I hope Donna gets her problems sorted out where Shane is concerned.

  4. Mary Jarrett says:


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