Forensic Detectives

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Forensic DetectivesThis fascinating show tracks the lives and investigations of a team of Forensic Detectives who work tirelessly to bring criminals to justice, even many years after the event. The techniques which they use are getting more and more sophisticated and even evidence from crimes carried out decades ago can be re-examined using new techniques and clues found which could pinpoint the perpetrators.

While we have seen crimes in the UK solved using the slightest of hair samples, the smallest drop of saliva or the tiniest spec of DNA, the Forensic Detectives actually go much further that this. Some of the techniques which they use are mind blowing and the fact that much of their information can be vital to a successful prosecution adds to the pressure of the job.

Can you imagine working in a spotlessly clean environment every day of your working life? Can you imagine the pressure you are under not to contaminate evidence with even the smallest piece of your own DNA? This is the kind of atmosphere and pressure which these people live under every day of their working lives.

If one thing has become apparent after watching this show it is the fact that no matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible not to leave a trace of your DNA, or some other form of identification at the scene of a crime. Thankfully, while there have been miscarriages of justice, the information by the Forensic Detectives has also been used to clear those who may have served time in prison for crimes which they did not commit.

The Discovery Sci-Trek channel is a mine of information with a whole array of different documentaries and informative shows on each and every day. This is real life, this is the cutting edge of technology, and the Forensic Detectives are out to get the criminals!

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