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hollyoaks1.gifFollowing all the unpleasantness, Beth and Rhys have legged it out of town. The Ashworths are distraught – especially Hannah, who finds herself slipping back into anorexia. And then she hears about the accident. Rhys gets less than a hearty welcome when he returns from hospital, and when he heads off to see Beth’s poor mum, he leaves his family in turmoil.  Carmel is suspicious that Sasha is back on heroin, and with good reason. Later, Calvin and Carmel take a stroll through the village but the romance of the occasion is ruined when Carmel’s worst nightmare comes true. Heartbroken at finding that Fletch has taken heroin, Sasha’s desperate decision to go to Ste for help has disastrous consequences. In hospital, Calvin struggles to cope with the fact that his baby sister has taken heroin – never mind overdosed – and poor Carmel gets the blame. It seems that Calvin and Carmel are over.

Louise is shocked to hear from Sean’s mum who asks her to attend the funeral. Louise decides to go but Warren is worried that their future might be compromised. Afterwards, Louise returns from Sean’s mother wracked with guilt. She can’t believe she had to stand by her at Sean’s funeral and lie through her teeth – what has she got herself into?

Elsewhere, Sarah is uncomfortable with the intimacy between her dad and Zoe, and Mike realises he has to spend more time with his daughter. Sarah is sick of the pressures at home and just wants some fun, and Roger might just the man to give it to her. Later, Sarah is horrified when her dad and Roger meet in Washed Up and seem to get on – Mike has no idea Roger is sleeping with his daughter.

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