Neighbours Teaser April 9, 2008

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neighbours1.jpgAngus and Rachel’s unpleasant little affair (she’s a bit young, isn’t she?) causes all kinds of ructions. Daniel is soon on the case, and uses a fair amount of guile to force the crazy couple to fess up. Susan and Karl wring their hands and blame themselves, while Libby tries to offer some solid support. Needless to say, the cops soon become involved and during an interview. Rachel says that she is the one to blame for the whole sorry, sordid mess. What does she get for her loyalty? The elbow from Angus – who, after some prompting from Susan, tells Rachel that he never loved her. A deeply distraught Rachel runs away from home – will she be safe?

Elsewhere, Richard has been rushed into hospital. His body is rejecting the new kidney and he’s dying. Richard insists that he wants to shuffle off the mortal coil alone but thanks to Karl, Paul soon finds out. He, however, offers little sympathy, refusing to believe Richard’s expressions of remorse for how he treated Rebecca. When Oliver and Declan finally learn the truth, they call Rebecca and rush to the hospital, where Richard makes a deathbed confession and apologises for his dubious deeds. Richard’s death offers Rebecca and Oliver the chance to put the past behind them – but will Declan attend the funeral?

Meanwhile, Janae catches Mickey and Ben fighting over Darren and why he left town. Janae’s attempts to explain the situation and her role in it leave Ben more confused and upset than ever. A seething Libby berates Janae for telling her son about Darren’s betrayal. Elle returns to her job at the newspaper, but finds it hard to overlook Riley’s admission that he has certain feelings for her. And Rosie tries to convince Carmella to chase after Marco.

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