Live Friday Fight Night: Prizefighter

April 11, 2008 by  
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Barry HearnWhile the term Prize Fight might well fill many people will horror as the “sport” has a reputation for aggression, injuries and worse, this is Prize Fighting 2008 style with Barry Hearn at the head of proceedings.

This is the first time the new format has been shown on British TV and sees eight British Heavyweights go head to head in a winner takes all competition. The names of the fighters were placed into a hat and pulled out at random to determine who would fight who and in which order. The first round is the quarter finales, the second is the semi-finals and the final showdown sees the two remaining fighters go toe to toe for the title and £25,000 prize money.

The format of the competition is very different from anything else on the TV, with the competition over in one night, and each fight cut down to a maximum of three, three minute rounds. While this may not sound like an awful long time to box, it is, and it will begin to show in the later stages. The fitness of the men involved varies dramatically, as does the size, power and skill. But make no mistake, these are fighters who have come to claim the glory and the £25,000 prize.

While this has been christened Prizefighter, the heavyweights, if the format and the show are successful there are already plans to introduce a number of different weight divisions in future competitions. Barry Hearn is a well known boxing promoter and he sure knows what makes the boxing audiences of the UK tick.

Top medical care, breaks in between fights and a professional referee all ensure that the competition is carried out to the highest safety standards, but you cannot get away from the fact that it will be tough!

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