Hitler’s War

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The increasingly popular History Channel shows “Hitler’s War” today, a programme which offers an interesting perspective on World War II from a German angle.  The show takes us back in time to when the War began, leading us right through to the mystery of what happened to Hitler and the whereabouts of his remains.

Eyewitness accounts, real footage from the days of the War and comments from those who saw battle all add to the reality of the show.  While the German leader was hero worshipped in many parts of Germany as he took on the might of the West, it is interesting to see what propaganda and news they were being fed as the German army began to run out of steam.  A depressed economy, no food and no money saw many Germans struggling to make ends meet as Hitler battled the might of the foreign forces.

The August 1944 uprising in Paris had a major impact upon the war and, slowly but surely, the German Army was dismantled.  Allied troops pushed them further and further back towards their homeland before occupying German as millions of prisoners and captives were released – although it was too late for many.

It is easy to forget the hardship and ill-treatment which soldiers on both sides endured in World War II, and many will be fascinated to learn how the War actually started.  World War II is said to have resulted in the direct death of 60 million people, mostly civilians, and is widely believed to be the most costly conflict of all time.  The end of World War II saw a number of treaties and agreements signed to try and ensure that no other war of its size would ever be fought again. In many ways the War was a turning point in history, but the cost to human life was astronomical.

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