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Coronation StreetTragedy strikes for poor Maria. She is furious with Liam, who stayed the night on Carla’s sofa. Maria leaves Liam to recover from his hangover and heads out to work. Marcus pops in for a trim; he can tell Maria is tired and assumes it is the baby keeping her awake. Maria puts him straight. Liam is the one causing her problems, the baby has been quiet for days… Events take a devastating turn when the midwife fails to find a heartbeat. Maria is numb with the news that her baby has died. Desperate to find Liam, she heads for the pub and finds him with Steve discussing fatherhood. In a state of shock she tries to get him to go home but as he starts to apologise and tell her how much she and the baby mean to him she can’t find the words to tell him what has happened.

Jack is feeling the stress of Paul’s confession about the arson and Molly and Tyrone are concerned about his health. Meanwhile, the repercussions of Paul’s visit to the police are felt over at the bookies when Leanne and Dan are taken away for questioning. The game could be up for Weatherfield’s very own Bonnie and Clyde. Should we feel sorry for Leanne? What’s in Leanne’s future – prison? Back on the game? Rich boyfriend to scam? It’s not easy being the Street’s bad girl.

Meanwhile Audrey is nervous at the thought of meeting Ted but the years soon melt away and they are chatting like the old days. But Audrey knows she has to tell Ted the truth about Gail. How will he react when he discovers he has a 50-year-old daughter? And how will Gail react when she finds out that Ted is around? Vernon is excited about the cruise trip but is gutted when Liz tells him that she can’t go and leave the pub. She later confides in Deirdre that she couldn’t bear the thought of spending 24 hours a day trapped on a ship with Vernon. Oh dear.

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