EastEnders Teaser April 16, 2008

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EastEndersEveryone in soapworld seems to be going a little crazy at the moment. In the case of Sean Slater, make that a lot crazy. The situation involving Sean and Gus has been grim for a while but now Sean is overstepping the mark. It all started when Sean slept with the object of Gus’s affection, Keisha, after convincing her that Gus was a womaniser. The fact that Sean was Gus’s lodger and never paid the rent made it all the worse. Ever since then, the two have been taking pot shots at each other. However this week Sean is on a mission and has Gus in his sights. And when Stacey uses Gus’s keys to open up his flat, she makes a truly shocking discovery… Sean is holding Gus hostage! Later, despite having managed to get rid of Sean (for now), Gus feels trapped in Walford – and who can blame him after what he’s been through. When his girlfriend turns up it looks like he’s found a way to escape.  

Elsewhere, having done the dirty deed, Jack and Roxy can barely look at each other. They are both ashamed and can’t face Ronnie finding out the truth. Roxy especially is consumed with guilt and afraid that Ronnie will see through her lies. This situation is going to get very nasty, very soon. Especially when, in the near future, Roxy discovers that she’s pregnant!   Ian gets a call to see a girl in a run-down block of flats – could it be Lucy? Lucy disappeared after she threw a wild party and trashed the house. When Ian came home he was furious. During a heated row Lucy slapped him, and he slapped her back. Ian remains consumed with guilt.

Meanwhile it’s Jane’s birthday, but Christian has gone and Lucy is still missing so she doesn’t feel like celebrating. Ben has a secret new hobby supported by Peggy, but it’s not one he wants his dad to find out about. And Steven has been hiding a big secret from his family – although nothing is very big as far as Steven is concerned – as Stacey will testify. 

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