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EmmerdaleThere’s a downside to living in the countryside, as poor TJ discovers when he’s rushed to hospital with E. coli. Is the cabbage fertilizer to blame? Or Jo’s cheese, perhaps? And more to the point, will the kid pull through? Later that day Environmental Health investigates Butler’s Farm to pinpoint the source. Will the viral outbreak put the future of the farm in jeopardy?
Meanwhile, after Lexi informs the Kings that De Souzas have hired a hotshot PR company, Matthew decides to follow suit and fires Jasmine from her book balancing job. Jasmine is furious to find she’s been replaced and wastes no time in telling Matthew exactly what she thinks about him. Will the Kings’ latest attempt to challenge De Souza pay off? 

Gray is shocked when an old friend, Richard, turns up explaining that he’s Perdy’s divorce lawyer. Warning Gray that it would be best to settle things out of court, Richard gives him Perdy’s address. Gray is horrified to find Perdy living in a shabby bedsit. Perdy begs Gray not to deprive her of the chance to be a mother. Gray is torn but pledges his support for Katie and leaves.

Back in the village, Katie asks Gray where he’s been and his answers are less than satisfactory. Will Katie find out about Gray’s clandestine meetings? Is Gray about to lose both his partner and his unborn child? 

Belle and Eli start to sell organic manure – but does her new business stink? Always willing to go the extra mile for success, Eli decides to steal horse manure from Home Farm so they can flog a more prestigious product. It will be interesting to see whether the posh poo will in fact be priceless… 

Meanwhile, Laurel and Ashley argue over Ashley’s insistence on knowing Arthur’s parentage. After arriving back with no news from the hospital, Ashley is interrupted by a desperate Hilary who informs him that Mel and Greg are planning to move to Spain permanently. Will Ashley take steps to ensure Arthur stays put? And will the results of the tests eventually cause heartbreak and pain all round?

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