Hollyoaks Teaser – April 16, 2008

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HollyoaksThere are dramatic scenes aplenty as Louise is charged with ex-hubby Sean’s murder.  Following the arrest, fiance Warren offers Zak ten grand to walk away – will he take the money and run? Louise, meanwhile, won’t let the true culprit Warren confess on her behalf. She tells him that he’ll have to sort something else out. Perhaps Justin can help out – for a price. Carmel starts her ‘Free Louise Summers’ campaign. And Warren is outraged when he finds out Mercedes has told a reporter that she thinks Louise is guilty.

After Sasha’s recent OD, Leo wants the whole family to help the juvenile junkie get off drugs. Sasha doesn’t make things easy for herself, though. Her snotty attitude causes aggro with her family, and Fletch tells her they’re over. This news pleases Michaela no end, while Justin manages to take Sasha’s mind off things with a kiss. But not so fast, Justin, because Fletch admits he wants to get back with Sasha and they’re soon scoring some drugs. They just can’t make their minds up…

Elsewhere Kieron heads to the McQueens’ to pick up a book he lent to Myra, but he seems more interested in seeing John Paul. When John Paul finds out Michaela has to go for an HIV test he tells her he’ll be with her the whole time. What will the result of Michaela’s test be? Mike is fuming when Sarah invites her lecherous older boyfriend Roger to stay over. Mike doesn’t have to worry too much though, because Sarah dumps the old geezer after Zoe tells her he made a pass. And Tony and Jacqui celebrate their first anniversary and feel the baby kick for the first time. Ahhh…

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