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neighbours2.jpgAfter a little prodding from Susan, Angus tells Rachel that he never loved her – prompting the deeply distraught young woman to run away from home. Alone on the streets, Rachel encounters a familiar face in Taylah, who convinces her to stay the night at her house. However, Rachel feels utterly betrayed when Taylah lets Zeke know of her whereabouts. Zeke turns up at the house and shocks his sister with some home truths before putting his foot in it by revealing that Susan prompted Angus to tell that her that he never really cared for her that much. Returning home raging, Rachel confronts Susan.

Viewers should have their hankies at the ready as a Ramsay Street favourite bids farewell. Janae realises that her actions are causing constant instability in Mickey and Ned’s lives. For Mickey’s sake she decides to leave for good. An angry Ned refuses to accept her decision, and Janae uses a fairy story to explain the situation to a broken-hearted Mickey. Ned and Janae share one last kiss at the airport before she bids farewell. Back at home, Ned and Mickey try to help each other get over Janae. Ned decides to build a go-kart with his son to take their minds off her departure. Sniff.

Libby returns to Shepparton to pack up her old life. As she and Steph head over to pick up her things, Libby does her best to avoid Darren, only to come face-to-face with his former illicit lover. In order to help her friend move on, Steph proposes a night on the  town. Little does Libby know that Steph is also looking for a distraction from her own personal life. Her divorce from Max has become final but Steph decides to keep the news from Toadie. How long will it be before he finds out?

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