The Rise and Rise of Shameless

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shameless_2.JPGWhile Shameless has enjoyed a cult following for some time now, recent press coverage has seen the profile of this gritty Manchester-based drama hit new heights.  Tonight’s show sees an earth tremor hit the North West area with terrible consequences.

In the after shock of the quake Monica goes into labour unexpectedly but refuses to have the baby until Frank is present.  Unbeknownst to Monica, Frank was knocked off his bar stool during the tremor and is currently in a coma – where he is enjoying a period of success in the “other world”. 

Interestingly, Shameless is actually based on the childhood experiences of the show’s creator, Paul Abbott. Originally aired in January 2004 the show was given a late night slot because of the language and some of the more adult content of the show.  Expected by many to be only a filler ahead of an array of new shows planned back in 2004, Shameless soon caught the attention of the UK public and the press.

The show has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years and is now a mainstay of the Channel 4 schedule.  As if to confirm the grass roots of the show, series five of Shameless was filmed using a specially designed 66,000 sq ft set built in Wythenshawe, Manchester – a place which has its fair share of Shameless-like areas!

The show is turning into something of a hot-bed of acting talent with Jody Latham recently featuring heavily in the ITV show The Fixer

While the likes of EastEnders and Coronation Street continue to grab the headlines for their “reality”, nothing can quite match the unapologetic realism which Shameless offers.  Funny, hard hitting and a BAFTA winner to boot – what more can you ask for?

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