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graham-norton.JPGThe Graham Norton Show is hosted by the man himself and includes some hilarious chat, music and weird and wonderful takes from the great British public.  Tonight he chats with Hollywood legend Tony Curtis and movie bad boy Kevin Bacon, two actors who have had big hits in the past but seem to be dropping out of the limelight lately.  Is the same happening to Graham Norton?

The show has been demoted to BBC 2 on a 9 o’clock schedule, due to the often adult nature of the show, and there are concerns that the great hope of the BBC is losing steam as well as his appeal to the UK public.  However, there is no doubting that Norton has his very own unique style and take on everyday life, but have the viewing public moved on?

While he still has a very strong core of fans – and always will thanks to his days as a comedian and actor – the shock tactics which were so bright in the early days are now losing their bite. His frank and open discussions are becoming a little too predictable and stale for many people, but when you are locked into the BBC on a “golden handcuffs” agreement surely another show will come along?

Unknown to many, Graham Norton played Father Noel Furlong in the critically acclaimed Father Ted series which attracted large viewing figures.  Not only is Norton an actor, a comedian and a TV presenter he is also the co-owner of the SO Television – the company which produces all of his shows.  While the man has many talents on screen, he is also a very astute business man – something which has seen him increase his personal wealth enormously.

Will The Graham Norton Show ever make it back to prime time viewing? Will the BBC find another show for him to present? Time will tell, but there’s much more to Graham Norton than many people are aware of.

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  1. LALWOLOLOL says:

    He presents Id Do Anything and presented the old Andrew Lloyd Webber talent search things too… Do proper research… A quick visit to his wiki would have told you that.