Headcases – spitting image of a classic show?

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HeadcasesITV is hoping to corner the market for satire with its new offering Headcases, a modern version of award winning show Spitting Image – the latex puppet show which ran from 1984 to 1996 making fools of politicians and showbiz stars. So influential was Spitting Image that it actually contributed to the fall of some politicians. Many of the show’s caricatures making the lives of public figures very difficult.

Headcases takes a similar format with topical news stories and voice-overs from some great comedians.  One of the reasons the show is predicted to be smash hit for ITV is that the program is produced later in the day so it catches the latest news.

So far episodes look to be centring on the Beckhams, Robert Mugabe, the Royals and Piers Morgan.  It seems that in the world of showbiz you haven’t made it until you have someone impersonating you.  Sunday nights have never quite been the same since Spitting Image was axed in 1996, with rumours that the show was sailing a too close to the wind with regard to libel and legal issues.

It will be interesting to see which well known faces appear over the coming weeks, and how much the public will actually relate to the “puppets”.  They have already brought in Gordon Brown and David Cameron, with Brown cast as the miser and Cameron as the sound-bites man with no substance behind his policies.

Times may change, but very little alters in the world of politics and celebrity!

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  1. Kate says:

    I much prefer ‘World leaders’ political satire; similar CG animation, a sharper, wittier, much more satirical script and more recognisable characters/voice impersonations.

    There’s a series of six short films on ‘The First Post’ magazine site.

    Much more worthy of comparison to Spitting Image!

    😉 Kate