Heather Mills : What Really Happened?

April 22, 2008 by  
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heather_mills1.JPGThey held the front pages for over two years, their public spats becoming more and more personal, and then finally they thrashed out a deal which saw Heather Mills awarded somewhere in the region of £24 million from her husband Paul McCartney.  However, if you thought that was the end of the story, think again as Heather Mills : What Really Happened? is sure to be the first in a series of shows about the celebrity couple and the controversy and mystery which has followed Heather in particular.

Tonight’s show sees journalist Jacques Peretti trying to get to the bottom of the mystery which is Heather Mills, with exerts from her father and Pamela Cockerill, the lady who ghost wrote her autobiography.  There are many in the industry who are surprised to see this show make it to the screens when you consider that Ms Mills has threatened to sue anyone who makes even the slightest derogatory remark against her – and she now has the money to carry out those threats.

It will be interesting to finally speak to the people who you would guess should know Ms Mills the best, her father and the writer of her autobiography.  However, she is rumoured to have been estranged from her father for over 20 years and the press comments attributed to him along the way have been anything but supportive.

Will we finally get to the truth about Ms Mills claims to be a substantial supporter of charities, even though her tax returns shown in court indicated otherwise, along with a number of claims she made about her treatment at the hands of Paul McCartney.  It promises to be an interesting show and something which will no doubt create a barrage of new headlines in the newspapers later in the week.

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