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Coronation StreetMaria has lost the baby and isn’t telling anyone about it. But Audrey, to whom Maria has fled, finds some very disturbing things in Maria’s overnight bag. But Audrey’s shock is nothing compared to Liam’s when a midwife turns up at the house looking for Maria to check that she is okay after the stillbirth. On the day of the baby’s funeral, Maria is insisting that she won’t attend. Audrey tries to convince her that it’s a bad idea but Maria is sure she’ll make things worse with Liam by going. Carla offers her support to Liam and accompanies him to the church. Will Maria change her mind and be there to bury her son?

The Corrie writers probably started working on a credit crunch crisis storyline as soon as the subprime mess spread to the UK. And here it is. Ashley arrives home from work to find Claire in a state of panic cutting up their bank and credit cards. She explains that someone has cleared out their accounts and she can’t get to see the bank until tomorrow. She is stunned when Ashley tells her that no one has got access to their accounts – he has used all the money to shore up the business. He assures her they will work it out. Yeah right.

Marcus is delighted by the early return of Sean, whose protestations that he just wanted to come home don’t ring true. It isn’t long before Marcus discovers the real reason Sean has caught an early flight home. At the detention centre, dotty David is delighted when Tina turns up for her visit. The two are nervous with each other and he is still unsure of why she’s come to see him. Does she want to give it another go? If she does, she’s as crazy as he is… Gail is determined to get to the bottom of her mum’s meetings with Ted Paige and quizzes Rita on what’s been going on.

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