EastEnders Teaser – April 23, 2008

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EastEndersLucy’s back and it’s like she’s never been away. This week Steven goes to great lengths to keep her away from Ian – maybe worried that he’ll hit her again. After all Steven and Lucy have a bond these days, especially since she passed him the gun with which he kidnapped Ian – and shot Jane. All of which raises the question: Steven or Lucy – who is crazier? Talking of crazy, Sean Slater’s on the rampage again. Can the Millers stand up to him? And who’ll be bad boy Sean’s next target? He’ll run out of victims if he carries on at this heady pace.

Meanwhile at the Vic, Roxy is acting oddly. Even more oddly than usual… But then, after sleeping with her sister’s main squeeze, she would be feeling more than a little odd – especially after she has an examination at the hospital. Things are going to get extremely tough for Roxy very soon. Pat has had her heart broken by the death of Frank – and now has had her leg broken after being knocked down accidentally by Roxy (it’s not Roxy’s week, is it?) At the hospital, something sinister looks set to occur in Pat’s cubicle.

Elsewhere Ben hopes that Phil doesn’t find out about his dancing exam, while Roxy and Peggy try to reassure Ben that real men do dance. Of course Phil would beg to differ on that point. Bianca is broke and is struggling to find another job in Walford. Yes, the carefree wild-child of yesterday has well and truly been replaced by the downtrodden single mum we see before us now. Scheming Clare has tricked Bradley into a very dodgy visit. Will it all end in tears?

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