Emmerdale Teaser

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EmmerdalePoor old Pollard is shocked to his very core when he receives a blackmail letter containing incriminating photos of him with Rosalind. But who on earth could have sent it? To find out Pollard lies in wait for the culprit after dishing up the blackmail cash. Seeing Val, Pollard jumps to the conclusion that she is the blackmailer. As it becomes clear that he has got the wrong end of the stick, Pollard tries to explain himself and inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag by mentioning Rosalind. Horrified at what he has done, he begs her forgiveness saying that he loves her deeply. But will Val ever be able to forgive her fiance?

Elsewhere, Greg tells Mel that they need to go to the hospital to get some answers. Mel reluctantly agrees but it is clear she is terrified. At the hospital the doctor admits that there is a possibility that Arthur could be Laurel and Ashley’s baby and that they need to do a DNA test. Fearing the worst, Mel decides to flee the village with Arthur and persuades Greg to leave with them. Shadrach agrees to drive the couple to the airport, unaware of what they are up to. Back at the village, Ashley twigs what’s going on when he sees Jake loading Mel and Greg’s suitcases. Will he get to the airport in time to stop the couple leaving the country with his possible son?

As Gennie and her mother Brenda are leaving Paddy’s they witness a drunken Shadrach being led home by Lisa and Zak. Will Gennie introduce her adoptive mother to an inebriated Shadrach or will she snub the Dingles? When Donna tells Viv that there is still no news on Freddie, Viv is distraught and asserts that if the police aren’t going to do anything about finding Freddie, she will have to take matters into her own hands.

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