Hollyoaks Teaser

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HollyoaksCalvin struck up a relationship with Carmel McQueen and started dating after he rescued Carmel’s ring from a drain. Now Carmel may well end up wearing his ring on her finger. Calvin has been missing Carmel like crazy in the wake of their tiff, and when they bump into each other Calvin is stunned as Carmel asks him to marry her. Meanwhile Sasha is avoiding Calvin like the plague. She’s worried that he’ll be able to tell that she’s been back on the gear. Michaela sees a wasted Sasha and Fletch at the park and pities her foolish friends.

A few weeks ago, stupid Ste was caught stealing a purse and lied that he needed money for Leah’s leukaemia so he wouldn’t get into trouble. The fib quickly spread out of his control, and Ste and Amy began raking in money as they wondered when everyone would find out the truth. Now Amy decides to go along with Ste’s plan to pretend that Leah has recovered from leukaemia, but insists they tell Mike first – which could be a bad move…

Elsewhere, Max presents Steph with a portfolio of pictures, but since Steph has been worrying about an audition instead of putting her efforts into making Tom a costume, Max is left feeling disgruntled. But not as disgruntled as Steph would be if she new that Newt had ruined her portfolio. Newt feels a little guilty about this but Eli shows no remorse and hides the portfolio under Newt’s bed. Steph searches high and low for it, taking no notice of Max as he talks about Tom and marriage lessons.

Jacqui and Dom remain uncomfortable in each other’s company. Tina and Tony pick up on the animosity and insist that they all spend the day together.

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