Lindsay Lohan in Lesbian Rumours

April 23, 2008 by  
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Lindsay Lohan has set gossip mills rolling about her relationship with new BFF Samantha Ronsen.

The pair have been partying at the Beatrice Inn and the Hawaiian Tropic Zone over the weekend but trouble brewed when Ashely Olsen attempted to strike up a conversation with Sam. Witnesses say that Lindsay was furious, shouting “get your 15 year old ‘full house’ a** away from my girlfriend!”

To make things weirder, sources say that Lohan is so taken with Ronson that she has created a facebook profile with the name Lindsay Ronson.

DJ Sam Ronson is the sister of esteemed music producer Mark Ronson who has worked with a slew of celebrities including our very own Amy Winehouse.

Samantha Ronson also gained notoriety through her lawsuit against celebrity blogger Perez Hilton for his claim that she owned the cocaine found in Lindsay Lohan’s car after her car accident in LA in May last year. Althought the case was thrown out of court and Ronson ordered to pay Perez nearly $85,00, she is attempting to relaunch the case.

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