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NeighboursToadie is a Ramsay Street resident who has never been lucky in love. Always the joker, he never seemed to get the girl. From his early obsession with Steph Scully to his fling with married Maggie Hancock, Toadie always ended up a shoulder to cry on rather than the man of anyone’s dreams. After a string of failed relationships Toadie appeared to have finally hit the jackpot when he married Dione Bliss. However, in one of the biggest tragedies to rock Ramsay Street, he was distracted by a kiss from his new missus and drove their car off a cliff. Oops. Now though, his luck might be about to change. When Libby learns that Steph has kept news of her divorce from Toadie, she forces her friend to ask herself if she sees Toadie as a friend or a lover. Meanwhile Toadie fears they are on the verge of breaking up. Matters come to a head when Steph returns from Shepparton and stuns everybody by declaring that she wants to marry Toadie. The neighbourhood celebrates the news but Libby and Valda wonder if Steph is ready for such a big step.

A bidding war breaks out as the auction of the Timmins’ house gets underway. The Parkers intend to make a bid, as do Carmella and Marco who see the house as a place where they can raise baby Chloe. But the Ramsay Street locals are outbid by smooth lawyer Tim Collins who plans to build three houses on the site. Just when it seems Tim is about to get his hands on the property, Steve loses his cool and makes a shock bid way above his budget. A furious Miranda confronts her husband and accuses him of him putting their future on the line. As the pair trade insults that cannot be taken back, their marriage seems to be in danger of falling apart.

Elsewhere Elle is tormented by disturbing flashbacks of the roof collapsing at the dance party. Riley suspects she is hiding the extent of her trauma so he challenges her to re-enter the crumbling warehouse to prove she does not have a problem. But Riley’s plan backfires…

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