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Jonathan MaitlandIf like many of us you are sick and tired of being labelled as loutish and ill mannered just because a handful of the UK population feel it is ok to act that way, take a look into the real world of the UK with Jonathan Maitland

Bad Manners Britain : Tonight investigates whether the UK population have wholeheartedly taken on the mantle of boorish louts with bad manners, or whether the minority in this bracket are the ones damaging our rep.  The program takes a look at a number of different areas, attempting to pinpoint a specific demise in British behaviour over the years.

Maitland and his team have enlisted the help of an amateur football team, aiming to turn them into gents on the field to see if this has any impact on their performance and general outlook on life.  While football has long been the number one sport in the UK, it is never too long out of the headlines with many fans and players alike showing unnecessary aggression towards each other and match officials.

Tonight’s show should certainly prove thought-provoking.  Writer and author, Maitland has a history for courting controversy and getting to the heart of the matter, having carried out a number of hard hitting investigations for programs such as BBC’s Watchdog and ITV’s House of Horrors.  It will be fascinating to see the results of an investigation that should hopefully dispel some of the labels that many of the UK population have been unfairly afforded.

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  1. Ken Clark says:

    I think this show vastly over-simplified the problem.
    There have been fundamental shifts in society – we now have far more visibility into the lives of the “authority figures” that used to inspire respect, and realise that in fact for the most part they deserve no special consideration.
    When the royal family, and our politicians, prove themselves to be dishonest and corrupt, where then does “respect for authority” go?
    This loss of innocence came with the 1960s – Vietnam, the assassination of JFK, the Watergate scandal, and in our own country the Profumo affair and strings of individual political sex scandals, and also of course scandals of padeophilia within our churches and so on. Is it any wonder that “respect for authority” is a thing of the past?
    To blame celebrities and football players for this shift seems extremely naive. This loss of respect has been a gradual “trickle down” from the upper echelons of our society and I hope there will be no “quick fix” from etiquitte gurus who seek to point the finger of blame at the grass roots who ultimately express the very worst symptoms of this pandemic.