Michael Barrymore: What Really Happened

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barrymore.JPGAfter the success of last weeks Heather Mills show the audience figures for tonight’s instalment are sure to rise substantially higher with many people amazed at some of the facts and the people that Jacques Peretti managed to unveil on air. The show caused a number of uncomfortable comments and headlines in the press in the proceeding two days with furious denials from Australia with regards to the country’s richest businessman and claims made on the show.

While there are many who have reason to see the fall of Michael Barrymore, there are just as many who feel that the entertainer is something of a tortured soul, with his private and public life at different ends of the spectrum. Michael Barrymore: What Really Happened takes a fateful look at the night when a young man drowned at Barrymore’s mansion and the sudden demise of his TV career over night.

Tonight’s show contains a number of interviews with those closest to Michael Barrymore as well as the father and brother of Stuart Lubbock who so tragically died on that fateful night. We have seen a number of police investigations, rumours, counter rumours and much controversy surrounding this case but nobody seems to be able to get to the bottom of what happened that night.

This is sure to make very uncomfortable viewing for Michael Barrymore with his whole life and lifestyle dissected in front of the UK public yet again. He has made a number of attempts to restart his career in the UK, after emigrating for a few years, but it seems that his once adoring fans are no more. Unfortunately there are no winners in this particular show but it will be interesting to see what new facts have emerged in the years since the event.

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  1. Terry Lubbock says:

    I am more determined than ever to get to the truth in my son Stuart’s death. Thank you to all those who took part in the Channel 4 Documentary. For those who remain ‘Silent’, now is the time to talk to the police & tell the truth.

  2. vicky lacken says:

    the man who did the documentay, did my head in.
    he was acting to be all dramtic, and there
    was no need for it.
    and when he has the mans dad in the room for the
    interview, he had him in pitch black with a spot
    light on his face, any need for it really?
    why not have the lights one!

  3. Christine says:

    You won’t get justice when Terry is just using Michael’s name for publicity only.
    Pethetic documentary and as I was standing outside with a showbiz friend as well, trying to help Michael as we were,Terry made an appearance
    so like myself and showbiz friend I was only prepared to take part to help Michael only and nothing else.
    I and many people know he is innocent and I feel so much for Michael that I would do anything and everything to speak up.
    The press intrusion of Michael and being hounded is unnaceptable, of course its about money.
    But hear this many of us like myself know the true Michael, not the ones that are only making money out of it, such as Terry.
    And to use Michael’s persona against him was truly disgraceful what next I wonder?
    He truly is an amazing and brilliant man and entertainer.

  4. Christine says:

    And as for remaining silent what are you talking about? Terry for god sake You weren’t there and I’m sorry but your son was responsible for his own actions and was an adult. So who is remaining silent no one is,Michael has been consistant with you.
    Stuart did not have to go to this party,he did it on his own free will.
    Michael is innocent get over it will you?
    That’s if the real Terry has just commented.
    Now is not the time to humilate my innocent friend again either.
    It will no doubt all come out and then you will be the one who has to apologise.

  5. Kate says:

    Christine – were YOU there?

  6. admin says:

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    OnTheBox Admin

  7. kayleigh says:

    noone will ever no apart from micheal , its messed up that no matter what he is the only one who REALLY knows what happened